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Ode to Crappy Spinach
Ode to Crappy Spinach
A crime against Spinach has been committed today,
committed today in the very worst way.
Tasteless and limp and soggy and bland,
the poor Spinach before me has so been wronged.
With its leafy green glory torn away from it
by overcooking, under-seasoning,
left on the plate to be discarded as scrap.
Quite frankly, my friends, this Spinach is crap.
:iconnotarealartist:NotARealArtist 1 1
Remembering to Play
Let’s go back to a time
When all you hear is the
Nintendo chime
Little gray cart
Who would’ve known
They would hold such
a lovely art?
Do you remember it?
The thrill of starting
a journey that isn’t real.
Popping it in after you blow
Starting the game you think
you know
You watch the plumber
on your screen
Grabbing coins and
saving dreams
Hearing but not hearing
the princess’ dream
You jump from level
to level
Watching the trees go by
so sharp, yet beveled
You are reaching the
ultimate goal.
You are at the final boss
Getting your love at any
As the battle rages on
You find out that you
are not strong
You have lost.
The dreaded words
“Game over” appear on
the screen.
You take the game and  
throw it to the far extreme.
Years have passed and you
The journey you started
and then stopped.
Will you ever start again?
Probably never again.
:iconvainya:vainya 1 5
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So as some of you probably noticed by now, I'm not really on DA much anymore. Looking ahead into the future and the challenges college brings, I cannot promise frequent comings at least in the next 4 years. I'm not deleting my account, and I'll try to legitimately spend time here at least once a year. Therefore I will most likely not respond to messages, ignore journal entries almost completely and will not look at the majority of deviations (there were over 1000 when I looked).

That said, I do not want to neglect you all despite my prolonged absences. Therefore if there is a deviation that you feel extremely proud of or really want a constructive opinion on, feel free to send me a note and I will comment on them next time I go on DA. Of course, if I get a flood of notes I will not be able to respond to all of them, so please don't note me every single one of your artworks even if they are all masterpieces. I understand this is kind of bitchy, but life's the bigger bitch here.


United States
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite cartoon character: Scrappy Doo


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